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About scp 096 game

Once you enter the world of this survival game, you may see SCP-096 is an extremely docile humanoid creature. However, when someone sees the face of SCP-096, there is a period of significant emotional suffering. SCP-096 covers his face with his hand and starts to scream, cry, and chatter briefly before chasing the person who sees his face. SCP-096 does not stop until it reaches this person's location and then destroys them. Then it will regain its composure and become docile again.

If SCP-096 is obedient, it will passively approach and monitor the player. If the player has ever seen the face of SCP-096, he gets excited and begins to cover his face and panic. Soon it will start chasing players to kill them.

SCP-096 is extremely fast and cannot be blocked by doors or elevators, regardless of whether they are locked or not, since they are opened to catch up with the player. As soon as it catches the player, it tears its limbs and devours them. Death is inevitable once SCP-096 is activated.

SCP-096 also appears in the small server room, mercilessly killing a security guard who accidentally sees his face. The player must reset the power source to leave the room because the door is locked after entering the control room. SCP-096 itself wanders across the room, making it difficult not to look into its face.

SCP-096 can also breed in a locked room where it sits in the middle of the room around some bloodstains. It is easy to avoid SCP-096 in this room as the player only has to go around the back to get to the next place.

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Game developer


Game release day

October 2019

Control system

Use WASD or arrow keys to move

F to use a flashlight

Space bar to jump

Esc to pause menu

E to enter

scp 096 popular survival game

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Great tips and tricks

It would help if you didn't let SCP-096 see your face as it will chase after you immediately

Try to move over all of the rooms to see how far you can survive

scp 096 Play Game:


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